The Butcher’s Gin From De Laet & Van Haver Meets 31 Dover

The Butcher’s Gin From De Laet & Van Haver Meets 31 Dover

F&B Premium Brands is honoured to finally announce the new collaboration between luxury butchery brand De Laet & Van Haver from Belgium and the high quality drink retailer 31 Dover from UK.

The Butcher’s Gin – the most extraordinary real meat liquor is now available to buy online from 31 Dover online Shop.

Based on the flavours of the award-winning Secreto 07 dry-aged beef, created by luxury Antwerp-based butchery De Laet & Van Haver, Butcher’s Gin is a wholly unique new release that sees the worlds of fine dining and premium drinking collide.

Secreto 07 is the absolute finest produce from Rubia Gallega cattle. Loved by a number of Michelin-starred chefs including the Adriá brothers and Phil Howard of two Michelin-starred restaurant The Square, who claims “it takes something really quite special to stop me in my tracks, but the Secreto 07 does just that”. We’re certain Butcher’s Gin will too…

The spices and seven secret herbs that make Secreto 07 beef so darn special are macerated before gin distillation, and a little dried meat is also added to the spirit. For the perfect serve, add Butcher’s Gin, a few drops of lemon juice, some pink pepper tonic, a whiff of black pepper and some fresh basil for a delicious new drinking experience.

It’s the ideal gift for meat-lovers, foodies, gin aficionados or the person who seemingly has everything.



To start off it’s used only a unique gin base that is distilled in the London dry way, but two distillates (herbs & meat) are added.

The meat is macerated for 3 days in neutral grain alcohol 96°.

Also the herbs are macerated for a few hours.

The gin base and the two distillates are assembled in a certain way to express the smell and taste of the meat in order to obtain a real liquid version of the Secreto 07.

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