Why You Should Really Drink VAN BULCK BEERS With Chocolate

Why You Should Really Drink VAN BULCK BEERS With Chocolate

Brew and … chocolate? It’s most likely not the principal blending that springs to mind, but rather it’s a lovely match.

Blending Van Bulck Beers and chocolate is an instance of complementing (instead of differentiating) the normal flavours to get on the toasted and sharp or sweet flavours in each of them.


Van Bulck Beers pairing Chocolate

Matching wine and foods has been an adored activity of foodies for quite a while. Blending beer is a later experiment more practiced in nations outside of Europe.

When matching brew and chocolate, it gets to be obvious how the variables turn out to be practically limitless.

An awesome way to begin with is a thick and sweet chocolate cake. The sweetness from the sugar in the cake appears contrasting in relation to the bitterness of the brew – every flavour lifting and highlighting the other.

The mix of an extremely dark chocolate bar – no less than 80% cocoa – with a sweet brew like Van Bulck’s Organic Blonde flips the different flavours. The rich, sweet kind of the Blonde can be perfectly associate it with the sharp, intense, bitter chocolate. This way, the chocolate will lift the flavors out of the lager to create a totally new flavor experience.

There is no correct approach to combine lager and chocolate. Try to experiment as much as possible and you will discover a few pairings, which you will consider sublime. A few blends will appear to be just off base. In any case, each one will bring new and surprising flavors out of the both the brew and the chocolate.



Van Bulck Beers pairing Chocolate


  1. Pick a blend of flavours and textured chocolates including toffee, natural products chocolate, bon bons, bars and match them with five or six diverse lagers.
  2. Beer and chocolate can be seen as a fragile balance of sweet and intense flavours. You’ll frequently find that “sweet spot” when the flavours in the lager will increase and showcase the flavours in the chocolate.
  3. Consider both contrasting and corresponding flavours. For instance a sweet beer such as Van Bulck Organic Wild Fruit goes well with either a fruity chocolate (sweet/ corresponding), or an espresso enhanced chocolate (intense/contrasting).
  4. Aroma is crucial! It can let you discover a brilliant balance about both brew and chocolate; therefore it’ll require some time to be invested to smell everything. Frequently, things that odor great together will taste great together as well.
  5. As with any culinary experience, finding a pleasurable specialty lager and chocolate blending is a totally subjective try, so permit yourself to like whatever odd marriage of brew and chocolate you find. There is no right pairings so enjoy the learning curve!

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