Innovative Carpaccio DOLCE ZERO Awarded At The Golden Tavola Award 2016

Innovative Carpaccio DOLCE ZERO Awarded At The Golden Tavola Award 2016

If you want to know which innovative products will be on your plate tomorrow, then look no further than the Tavola Award 2016’s winners.

Here at F&B Premium Brands we are immensely proud to announce that many winners are already our clients: from De Laet & Van Haver to Didess and R&D Food Revolution.

The Golden Tavola competition awards innovation, creativity and high quality ingredients above all.

All winners love to experiment with new flavours, surprising product combinations and delicious taste.

The mouthwatering DOLCE ZERO is one of the best innovations in the food industry which has just won the 2nd nomination at the Golden Tavola 2016.

is made from the best Simmental striploin and then dry-aged with mocha and hazelnuts for 8 to 9 weeks.

You can taste its perfection when pairing it with scallops or foie gras. Or you can get creative and use it to decorate exceptional desserts.

Once more the genius of legendary butcher Luc De Laet has invented a fresh and quirky approach to the usual carpaccio adding a hint of praline and coffee.

If you want to surprise your guests you can then ideally combine it with a foie gras terrine or fried foie gras. Alternatively if you are a chef who loves the challenge you can serve it with dessert or coffee.

Indeed some celebrity chefs have already matched the delicious DOLCE ZERO with chocolate. Who knows what will can be created next?

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