Cocktail Kudos in Seconds on Chef Magazine

Cocktail Kudos in Seconds on Chef Magazine

We love a frothy coffee or a sudsy head on a beer, and now you can add that bubbly extra dimension to cocktails and culinary creations. New for summer 2016, Siphon-Evolution cocktail foams are the latest innovation by Albert Adrià, the creative force behind elBulli’s famously pioneering dishes.

This genius new technology transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary in seconds. The foams are beautifully light but also stable, so they won’t go flat en route to delighting customers. Available in Gin, Vodka or Sangria, Siphon-Evolution cocktail foams make drinks and dishes look and taste extra special.

They can also be heated up to 50˚C in bain-marie, so users can experiment with yet another element to their delicacies. Among numerous other outstanding combinations, the Gin foam is ideal with Gin and juniper cured salmon, and the Sangria foam is exquisite with fruit, creams, jellies and sorbets. Or try the Vodka Siphon-Evolution frothed over a Cosmopolitan for serious impact.

Now, every bartender and chef has the technical wizardry of an iconic Michelin starred chef at their finger tips, quickly, easily and without years of training. But as well as making regular drinks and dishes more sophisticated, we’ve found that Siphon-Evolution cocktail foams actually inspire further creativity in chefs and mixologists, as the endless possibilities suddenly open up to them.


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