50 Days by Albert Adrià – Reservations now open

50 Days by Albert Adrià – Reservations now open
  1. “Minds met, cultures combined, and so 50 Days by Albert Adrià was conceived”

Haute cuisine and culinary playfulness with
“50 Days by Albert Adrià” at the Hotel Café Royal
from Friday February 12 until Saturday April 9 2016.

Being considered by some to be one of the most influential chefs of modern gastronomy, the 50-day residency will be the first project that Albert has undertaken outside Spain.

More commonly know for being the little brother of Ferran Adriá, Albert spent 23 years working at the legendary three-Michelin-starred ElBulli, before opening the Michelin-starred Tickets, Pakta and Hoja Santa, in Barcelona. The extensive family portfolio also includes La Bodega 1900 and Niño Viejo and the more recent, Heart Ibiza, which works in partnership with the infamous Cirque du Soleil.

Albert’s London residency will run from 12 February until 9 April 2016, and will be open to the public every day except Sundays. 

Reservations are now open for the 50 Days of Albert Adriá series at the Hotel Café Royal, which will take diners on a rumoured 30-course journey (£150 per person plus drinks for tables from two to eight, with private dining also available).

The route passes through the bars and restaurants (whispers are, there’s also a course of sorts in the lift) of the historic building, which opened 150 years ago. Confirmed details so far are that the evening will start with cocktails and canapés in the hotel’s Oscar Wilde Bar, before adjourning to the Domino restaurant (second picture).

Here, menus are yet to be revealed, but are likely to channel Adrià’s flair for Catalan and Spanish cuisine – as well as the combined might of his three Michelin stars from his five restaurants.

The specially created menu will incorporate culinary inspiration from Adriá’s usual Spanish-Catalan cooking style, plus flavours from around the world.

50 Days by Albert Adrià
Hotel Café Royal, 68 Regent Street, London W1
020-7406 3333


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