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F&B Premium Brands Ltd. is a Consultancy Agency for high quality and innovative producers and start-ups in the Food and Beverage Industry. Passion is the ethos of F&B Premium Brands Ltd. who only work with companies with a similar passion for excellence. The company was started by former chef, sommelier and entrepreneur Denis Renty.

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The Chef says

“Just once in a very occasional while one tastes a truly phenomenal product.
After 30 years in the industry it takes something really quite special to stop me in my tracks
but the Secreto 07 does just that - each and every time I taste it”
Phil Howard of two Michelin star restaurant The Square, London


Albert Adrià the renowned top class Spanish chef, together with Flemings Dirk Peeters and Rudi Van Beylen, is part of R&D Food Revolution and is looking to develop a series of new products for the catering sector and food specialists. Global, revolutionary, and with a sense of history – inventive spirits do not rest on their laurels. Certainly not when the time is ripe for something new.
Albert Adria (elBulli) – “World’s Best Pastry Chef of the Year 2015”  S. Pellegrino list, London.

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